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Demos, news and happiness

Game demos are flying out of the woodwork. Check HERE for a demo of "Retaliation" by EGAMEACE.

In other news, Sam Grey's "Back to Reality" has just entered its beta phase.

I just want to say that I am very happy with the way things have been going. RON seems to be back from the dead. I have to admit, I was getting worried for awhile. There's been a flurry of RON activity as of late and I am quite psyched to see what is in store.

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Wednesday 26th May 2004

"The More Things Change" preview

It seems like RON game previews are the new vogue thing to do.

ElaineMC has put together a preview of her upcoming game "The More Things Change." Get it HERE.

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Thursday 20th May 2004

Another game, coming soon...

A new RON game has entered its beta testing phase. Stay tuned for "The More Things Change..." from RON newcomer ElaineMC. You might recognize her as the author behind the the very dark and atmospheric AGS game "Armageddon Margaret," and her RON game is shaping up to be just as excellent.

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Wednesday 19th May 2004

Coming soon...

Hi everyone! Dave here with the latest Reality scoop!

The draught of games continues, but don't fret! All is not lost! For the following games are on the way!

Stay tuned for:

"Meet Jack Glower" by YicklePigeon
Death has to stop the new town sherriff from arresting the entire town!

"Back to Reality" by Sam Gray
Elandra comes out of her basement one day to find everything changed. What's going on? And can she fix it?

"Untitled Side Project" by Dylan Downing
A game starring Davy and Simon Jones. No details yet, but Dylan says it will be "small." You can download a small press release HERE.

"Without a Prayer" by Dave Gilbert
It feels a bit weird to advertise my own game up here, but here goes. This game introduces Rasputin Finch, a traveling priest/conman. He has come to Reality to build a church, and complications ensue. You can download a small demo HERE.

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Tuesday 18th May 2004

RON cameo in "Pop Cherry Wag"

There was a oh-so-subtle RON cameo in Creed Malay's "Pop Cherry Wag" comic strip today. Nice one, Creed!

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Tuesday 11th May 2004

In The Works: RON comic strip

Matt Gardner, known on the forums as Wogoat, is in the midst of creating a RON comic strip series. When it is ready, it will be published bi-weekly on this site. I have seen some of the preliminary sketches, and they look mighty sweet. Here is a preview; a cool shot of Gower and Death:

Looking forward to this one, Matt!

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Tuesday 4th May 2004

Good bye Das Tobias

The infamous Das Tobias has posted a message on the forum to announce his "retirement" from the RON scene. He also offered the source for Mika's Surreal Dream 3 up for grabs, if anyone wants to complete it.

On a side note, I must voice a concern. It's been a long time since a RON game was last released, and I'm sure I'm not alone when I voice my hunger for more. Is there anything in-the-works? Please let me know and I'll post a blurb about it here. Even if you don't have the time to write a game, feel free to draw a comic, animate a flash movie or even write a prose story. Anything RON-related is welcome, and will definitely slake our appetite until the next game comes out.

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Monday 3rd May 2004