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Resource Updates

Both the character and background resource packs have been updated and can be found in the Resource section. Please disregard what the web page says in regards to file size as it's slightly out of date. The background pack is over 2 megs, while the character pack is over 800k.

I've also uploaded a new version of Rend, which contains new and updated graphics and text, as well as some new, minor technical tricks.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Thursday 19th February 2004

Birthday Treats

The games page has now been updated with the three new games. So you can scoot over there to grab them and rate them.

Plus, Dave contacted me to say that a few people had contacted him asking for the games and characters pages to be paginated. Well it's now been coded and put in place. The pages load quicker, and you can navigate to any page from the links at the top (page 1, page2 etc). Hope you all like it!

Posted By: James Gardner (Bumblearse) - Wednesday 18th February 2004

Happy Birthday, Reality on the Norm!

Three years ago, "Lunchtime of the Damned" was released, showing us a little slice of life within the town of Reality. Since then, numurous insanities have been inflicted upon the hapless little berg. It's been held underseige by chickens, kittens, pissants and cows. The poor citizens have been terrorized by space aliens, pirates, zombies, ghosts and David Hasselhoff. Murders, robberies, magic and even arson seem to occur on a daily basis. Life in Reality is certainly never boring. I'm eager to see what else is in store.

Speaking of which, here's some news!

A fellow calling himself "Mr. Frisby" dropped a poloroid of some RON characters in my inbox. Check that out in the fanart section. It's quite sweet.

I am still having trouble uploading the new games to the database. I'm convinced that the system is not at fault, and it's merely due to me doing something stupid. The ever-vigilant James is looking into it. In the meantime, here are the direct links:

Surreality - Nice. Another opportunity for me to use the word "alterna-RON." Lots of surreal art and esoteric dialog. Quite unique.

Pre-RON MI5 Bob - A little arcade game by Richy starring MI5 Bob.

That Crazy World - by the infamous Das Tobias. It stars Michael Gower on an alien planet, and.. er... I wish I could tell you more, but I honestly have no idea what it's about.

Till next time. Same RON time. Same RON channel.

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Tuesday 17th February 2004

Looking Up

It looks like the issues with the server have now been sorted out. Mail is being accepted and the forum is back to full working order. I'll continue to monitor the situation, but otherwise it's everything back to normal. Hurray!

Posted By: James Gardner (Bumblearse) - Monday 16th February 2004

Boom! Crash! Kerblam!

Okay, so the site is having a few problems. While a number of functions are kaput, you can still download the games even though you can't read the descriptions. Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon. A major THANK YOU to James for keeping us all updated as to what's going on.

RON has been hosted by underdogs for over two years, and in all that time we've enjoyed free, faithful, and uninterupted service. I think we can forgive them for this little hiccup.

In the meantime, write some more RON games! Write a fan fiction or draw a picture! So when this site comes back in full force, it'll be better than ever! :)

Till next time...

Posted By: Dave Gilbert (DaveGilbert) - Thursday 12th February 2004


Been looking at the logs on my mail server. The reason my mails won't get through is because the mail server has no disk space left. So that's two confirmations now, we'll have to wait and see what they'll do now

Please report any errors on the site to me, as I can then pass anything useful on to the Underdogs admins (when I can get through).

Posted By: James Gardner (Bumblearse) - Thursday 12th February 2004

Further Information...

OK, I've tried to get in touch with the Underdogs admins, but I'm having real trouble trying to get e-mail through. Also our ftp access is down. So there are some problems with the servers at the moment (although the webserver seems to be ok).

I'll update when we have more information. Until then please bear with us.

Posted By: James Gardner (Bumblearse) - Thursday 12th February 2004

Issues with site

As you can see, there's a distinct lack of news. This is due to a problem with the database that occured last night. It seems that the server ran out of disk space at some point, and at that point the news_items table in the database got corrupted. I am still looking into the problems, however the rest of the site and the forums are still working.

Posted By: James Gardner (Bumblearse) - Thursday 12th February 2004