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I've just added "Yet Another Death of Davy Jones Scenario" by Neutrino to the games page.

I've also added a 4th anniversary picture, created by Phorbin, to the Splash Screen and Anniversary Art portion of the Fan Art page

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Sunday 27th February 2005

Forum back!!

The forum is finally back up and running. It's now patched it to the latest stable release as made available on phpbb.com.

If anybody ahs any issues please contact me.

Posted By: James Gardner (Bumblearse) - Tuesday 22nd February 2005

RotN Yahoo Group

I've created a RON group over at Yahoo. This gives us another place to discuss anything and everything RON. You'll have the join the group to post messages. The url is http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/rotn/

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Friday 18th February 2005

It was four years ago today

Today marks RON's fourth anniversary. In that time there have been over 60 games created and the entire cast of characters is close to or at 100.

I've updated the resources pack, although the updates are minor.

Also, the forum is STILL down. I know it's irritating and I want to ask for continued patience until this is resovled. Thanks.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Thursday 17th February 2005

Forum notice

As everyone is aware, the forum is down. The reason for this is that a group of people hacked the phpBB.com website and did serious damage. The forum is going to be down until this matter is resolved. If anyone is interested, they can vistit www.phpBB.com for a more detailed explanation.

On a brighter note, Jessica Tischer has created a package of RON desktop icons which can be found in the resource section.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Friday 11th February 2005

New Demo

Dark Comet has released a two room demo of "The Return of Frank Malone". You can find it in the demo section on the forum. Be sure to check it out.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Thursday 3rd February 2005