13 years in the making

Shadows of RON

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Step into the time-traveling shoes of John Foley, whose time yacht has crash-landed in Reality. Was this an accident? Or was it deliberate sabotage? Either way, you must help John and his sulky computer ISAC repair his ship and return home.


A RON game written by a published author! This game is a crossover with the author's own book series, "Shadows of Time," but don't worry - no knowledge of the novels is necessary to enjoy the game. Overall, it's a fun game with lots of great dialog. A must play. -Dave


Created By: Joseph J. Reinemann 
Date Released: Saturday 9th August 2003
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

John Roley

New characters:

John Roley

Featured characters:

Crazy Homeless Weirdo
Davy Jones
Dr. Die Vie Ess
Elandra Desmond
George Watstatt
Max Griff
Michael Gower
Mika Huy
Templeton Tijn