13 years in the making

John Roley

A five-eleven, brown haired, green eyed, pasty individual who was selected to be one of the guardians of time, charged with making sure to protect it against misuse of time travel technology, which it's creators judged to be too dangerous to hand over to their government. Since the developers of this technology, which was housed in the seemingly innocuous forms of the Amulets of Time, came from a highly militant society John was selected on the basis that he was a pacifist and, even more, one of those rare types who isn't corrupted by power. Unfortunately it was proven that there are other things that can corrupt a person, and in John's case it happened to be his own inability to live up to his self-set standards. John has fulfilled his duties remarkably well, especially considering that no one had bothered to tell him about them before taking him back to the late days of the Mayan Empire against his will. (Joseph Reinemann)

Created by:

Joseph J. Reinemann

First Seen In:

Shadows of RON

Playable in:

Shadows of RON

Features in:

Shadows of RON