13 years in the making


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The same genius behind the Treasure of Drunk Island is behind this RON episode! This game places Elandra in the lead role, helping an amateur rocket builder. And of course, madness results. Download it or suffer horrifying consequences!


Yes, netmonkey of "Treasure of Drunk Island" fame created this game. In case you were wondering, TDI was a game created using the "Click & Play" game creation system a few years back. The Monkeygames Entertainment website also hosts Yahtzee's Rob Blanc games, and my games. -cornjob


Created By: Edmundo Ruiz Ghanem 
Date Released: Saturday 16th June 2001
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Elandra Desmond

New characters:

Mickey Farley

Featured characters:

Baron Wolfgang
Davy Jones
George Watstatt
Michael Gower
Phil Nihilist


Cycle right-click mouse cursors and perform the following actions to complete the game. This walkthrough was created to maximize brevity and enjoyment - there are more interactions possible that add to the richness of the game.

  1. Go east and go to the Airplane Graveyard.
  2. Look at the panel, leave, then go to Town Square.
  3. Enter Scid's bar.
  4. Talk to the barman about getting booze. Go out.
  5. Enter the alley west of Scid's.
  6. Talk to the Weirdo about fake IDs. Search the box to get a fake ID. Leave the alley.
  7. Enter the Yahtzeebrand store.
  8. Talk to the Clerk about Yahtzee. Look at the Interesting Magazine on the magazine rack. Go out, leave Town Square and go to the Baron's House.
  9. Talk to the zombie. Ask him about his grave. Ask him 'What's up?' Leave and go to the Cemetery.
  10. Search the grave. Leave and go to Town Square and the Yahtzeebrand store.
  11. Give the gold nugget to the Clerk. Look at the sunglasses on the shelf full of items. Go back to the Baron's House.
  12. Give the money to the zombie. Return to the store.
  13. Search the door to get a keycard. Leave and go into Scid's.
  14. Use the fake ID on the barman. Go back to the launch site.
  15. Give the whiskey then the keycard to Mickey.