13 years in the making

The Repossessor

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You play the role of Death, the Grim Reaper, who has come to Reality to reclaim the soul of Michael Gower. Who's that? Michael Gower is better known as the zombie who is currently running for mayor of Reality.


The game listed is an updated version of the original game that was compiled in 2014

The original version can be downloaded HERE.


Created By: Dave Gilbert 
Date Released: Sunday 26th August 2001
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:


New characters:


Featured characters:

Crazy Homeless Weirdo
Davy Jones
George Watstatt
Michael Gower
The Chicken


Cycle right-click mouse cursors and perform the following actions to complete the game. This walkthrough was created to maximize brevity and enjoyment - there are more interactions possible that add to the richness of the game.

  1. Go West.
  2. Enter the Yahtzeebrand store.
  3. Talk to the Clerk and ask about the hardware specials. Ask for the ladder. Leave the store.
  4. Enter the house to the right of the store, Davy's house.
  5. Search the papers on the floor. Read the paper (in your inventory) Talk to Davy. Go out.
  6. Enter Scid's bar.
  7. Talk to the chicken to learn about his gun. Talk to the bartender. Enter the room to the East.
  8. Talk to the zombie. Leave the bar.
  9. Enter the alley to the West of Scid's.
  10. Talk to the bum and ask for the lava lamp. Go East. Leave Town Square to the East.
  11. Take one of the pamphlets on the wall. Go East.
  12. Use the ladder on the Gym wall. Go back to Scid's.
  13. Give the pamphlet to the chicken. Use the gun on the bartender. Go to the alley.
  14. Give the disco ball to the Weirdo. Use the lava lamp on the booze. Go into the bar and into the zombie's room.
  15. Use the potion on the coffee cup.