13 years in the making

Strange Days

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In this new game, you play Bradford Scotts, a famous musician who comes to RON seeking refuge from his legions of fans. But do you really think he'll find peace and quiet in this town?


As someone who grew up on the Infocom text adventures in the 1980s, I can appreciate the idea of a RON adventure written in text. Unfortunately, the CNCS engine's parser is primitive even by Infocom standards, and it isn't quite up to the task.

As a game, this is the best CNCS game released so far! An effort has been made to make some interesting characters, and the writing is quite a few notches above the other text games. -Dave


Created By: Kunafits 
Date Released: Sunday 6th January 2002
Game Engine: CNCS

Playable character:

Bradford Scotts

New characters:

Bradford Scotts
Maria Scotterson
Scimpy Joe

Featured characters:


This is a text adventure game made with the Computer Novel Construction Set. Simply type in the following commands to complete the game. This walkthrough was created to maximize brevity and enjoyment - there are more interactions possible that add to the richness of the game.

  1. East. South. West.
  2. Look car. Take lighter. East. North. North.
  3. Examine desk. Take chocolate. Give lighter. South. West. North.
  4. Give chocolate. South. East. South.
  5. Give magazine. North. East.
  6. Give money. East. South. East.
  7. Give fake id. Use pen. Give signed form.