13 years in the making

The Lost Treasure of RON

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Hooky McPegleg, the world's last pirate, wanders into town, searching for the fabled lost treasure of RON. Watch as Hooky hobbles around town, interrogating all the regular residents in his neverending quest for gold!


An fun game with some clever dialog and a nice ending. A must play! -Dave


Created By: Francisco Gonzalez 
Date Released: Sunday 18th November 2001
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Hooky McPegLeg

New characters:

Hooky McPegLeg
No Beard

Featured characters:

Max Griff
Michael Gower


Cycle right-click mouse cursors and perform the following actions to complete the game. This walkthrough was created to maximize brevity and enjoyment - there are more interactions possible that add to the richness of the game.

  1. Go East.
  2. Talk to Death about everything to receive a badge. Go East.
  3. Take a ticket off the car's windshield. Enter the building to the left of the Yahtzeebrand store.
  4. Talk to Max Griff. After this, give him the parking ticket. Once he leaves, take the dollar off the wall and search the filing cabinet for a bottle of vodka. Leave the office.
  5. Enter Scid's bar.
  6. Talk to George the barman. Once you're finished, give him the dollar to receive a shot of rum. Go out.
  7. Go West.
  8. Talk to the Bum about everything until you learn he wants a magazine. Go East.
  9. Click on the window of the house to the right of the store.
  10. Search the desk to receive a recipe for a magic spell. Read the spell and leave through the window.
  11. Enter the store.
  12. Use the vodka on the rum. Use the badge on the vodka rum. Talk to the clerk about a magazine. When he refuses, give him the drink. Leave and go back to the alley.
  13. Give the Bum the magazine to receive a map and shovel. Read the map. Go back to the beach where the game began.
  14. Use the shovel on the sand.