13 years in the making

Mr. Namyah

Namyah is like a gym teacher / drill sergeant. He's always shouting about how he hates homosexuals and Russians. In fact, he has some knowledge about Russian spy activity, suggesting that he is more than just a gym teacher.

Namyah is unusually cruel to his students, practically bordering on abuse. The only person to ever shut him up was Phil Nihilist. When Phil developed spider powers, he webbed Namyah's mouth shut! (Defender of RON).

Created by:

Ben Pettengill

First Seen In:

The Soviet Union Strikes Back

Playable in:

Features in:

The Soviet Union Strikes Back
Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman
Commander Keen Enters RON
Defender of RON
Purity of the Surf


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