13 years in the making


Thakbor's real name is Stringfellow Stringstein, but only his mother calls him that. He is a brave knight... who must be home for tea. Thakbor's Mum always embarasses Thakbor in front of his "little friends" as she calls them (the people he battles against), and this really makes him mad. Thakbor's fairly tall, wears armor and a cape, and almost always carries his sword with him. Thakbor's hair sometimes looks a bit funny... because his Mum cuts it for him. (Ben Pettengill)

Thakbor has recently purchased a house of his own. He's scared to tell his mother and hasn't told her about it yet.

One of Thakbor's skills is his battle cry. He is able to let out an ear-splitting roar that sends all but the heartiest foes to their knees.

Thakbor is also known to do a bit of surfing, and once competed against Josh Beachcomber in the annual Reality Surfing contest.

Created by:

Ben Pettengill

First Seen In:

Vengeance of the Chicken

Playable in:

Features in:

Vengeance of the Chicken
Purity of the Surf


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